About the Nephrology Educators Network


To promote a coordinated and collaborative approach to evidence based nephrology nursing education in Australasia that meets and responds to the evolving needs of Nephrology Nurses. We will be recognised internationally as innovators and leaders in the delivery of education for nephrology health professionals.

Mission Statement

The NEN endeavours to facilitate access and promote equity in practice and excellence in education for nephrology health professionals through:

  • Collaborative relationships to avoid duplication of nephrology educational material
  • The promotion of access and equity in the delivery of nephrology education
  • The provision of support for those working in minority or isolated areas through improved access to resources and promotion of services
  • Creating innovative and relevant solutions to educational needs that are supported by evidence based principles


Collaboration and Teamwork

  • We acknowledge the power of collaboration and teamwork in achieving our strategic priorities
  • We acknowledge that the sharing of information and knowledge contributes to group performance

Innovation, Effectiveness, Perseverance and Determination

  • We are committed to encouraging and promoting innovative, effective and evidence based practice through education

Honesty, Integrity, Accountability and Transparency

  • The work and relationships of the NEN will be characterised by these values ensuring that the NEN is seen as a credible organisation for serving the ongoing educational needs of Australasian Nephrology Health Care Professionals

Strategic Priorities

Maintaining organisational sustainability

  • Identify the barriers (and facilitators) to participation in the NEN and maintain engagement with members through re-establishing the online community of practice.

Development of educational resources

  • Continue the development of e-learning programs that are relevant to the identified needs of Australasian Nephrology Health Care Professionals
  • Work in partnership with other (inter)national stakeholders to introduce new educational mediums on the ONE learning platform

Management and Influence

  • Work in partnership with the board of the Renal Society of Australasia at both state and national levels and with other key (inter)national stakeholders
  • Maintain transparent relationships with the pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturing sector

Our portfolios

The NEN team operates across four portfolios – Innovation, Communication, Finance & Membership, and Education

The NEN recognises the contributions that Clinical Dialysis Technicians and Aboriginal Health Workers make to the care of those with kidney disease. The strategic intent of the NEN encompasses these groups of health professionals.

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