The NEN is pleased to announce the launch of ONE, the Online Nephrology Education portal.  The aim of ONE is to bring all nephrology online education to the ONE place that requires ONE web address and ONE password to provide you with a ONE stop shop for quality peer reviewed online education.

With the launch, we have partnered with Kidney Health Australia and Home Dialysis First to bring you a range of nephrology specific online learning.  In the future we plan to partner with other organisations to develop further online modules to support your continuing professional development.

The ONE portal is your gateway to peer reviewed renal education on the internet and is the culmination of collaborative work between nurses and organisations with a passion for renal education throughout Australia and New Zealand.  The ONE portal replaces the NEN e-learning portal which began with the launch of our monthly Journal Club on 31st of October, 2011.  Since then the journal club has continued to to be released on a monthly basis and has been joined by other e-learning modules including; Introduction to Haemodialysis, Introduction to Peritoneal Dialysis, Introduction to Buttonhole Cannulation and Chronic Kidney Disease – Mineral Bone Disease.  These have been joined by modules created by Kidney Health Australia (Chronic Kidney Disease and Renal Supportive Care) and the Home Dialysis First project e-learning module


To access the ONE portal please click the ONE icon below